Defining the Energy Sustainable Development Goal

By now, ongoing discussions and global negotiations on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) appear to take for granted that access to sustainable energy is a key aspect not only in terms of development and poverty reduction but also concerning tackling the challenges climate change poses to many regions of the world, including SIDS. According to an NGO position and well in line with the core objectives of the L3EAP project, the current SDG No. 7 is said to focus on ensuring “access to affordable, sustainable, reliable, and modern energy services for all”, with targets on universal access to energy, increasing the share of renewables in the global energy mix and doubling the annual rate of improvement in energy intensity.

Yet specific indicators for measuring later progress are still negotiated. Find some background information on what’s currently discussed by key stakeholders in the SDG process with regard to this particular SDG and suitable indicators in this fact sheet “Measuring what matters in the Energy SDG”.