L3EAP Final Event to be held in Fiji - Focus on Access, Security and Efficiency

July, 2016 - Tanoa Waterfront Hotel, Lautoka, Fiji

Many developments have taken place recently that impact on sustainable energy development in the SIDS There is a need to examine these and evaluate their implications and possible impacts on the livelihoods of the communities in SIDS. CC0 Public DomainCC0 Public DomainThis workshop aims to address this need by bringing together experts from both developed and developing countries at a common venue.
The main aim of this international workshop is to provide a meeting place for all stakeholders within the energy sector of the SIDS to discuss the latest developments that have relevance to sustainable energy in the SIDS and that may determine the direction of future developments.

To obtain a true understanding, one must begin from a global perspective of energy challenges as they affect both developed and developing nations, CC BY 2.0, Author: Patrick Bentley / SolarAid Photos. Title: Christopher, Zambia.CC BY 2.0, Author: Patrick Bentley / SolarAid Photos. Title: Christopher, Zambia.and consider how these issues are being addressed. Thus it is necessary to hear the stories from both developed as well as developing countries. An essential aspect of energy use is sound energy management, and this entails proper energy audits leading to the implementation of appropriate energy management schemes. Such energy management plans are currently being implemented in the Pacific, and it will be of interest to learn of the challenges and successes of such schemes.

  • Individual presentations have been chosen to address each of the issues outlined above, and to provide relevant, real-time and contextual information that can further the understanding of the issues that confront energy access, security and efficiency in the SIDS today.
  • A special highlight will be the official launch of the brand-new online learning module “Sustainable energy for SIDS”, designed to meet the needs and build capacities of energy practitioners and students especially in Small Island Developing States.

Please find the tentative programme of the event and the registration form below.

Programme: 26 July_ L3EAP International Workshop

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Registration form for International Workshop on Energy in the SIDS

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Participation is free of charge, however, for organizational reasons, our local partner, the University of the South Pacific, ask all interested persons to register and return the attached registration form to our Fijian colleague Ms Sirleen Swapna (mailto: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).