Promoting Digital Literacy - Utilizing ICT for climate communication and environmental education

laptop. CC0 Public DomainIn the context of the World Symposium on Climate Change Communication, to be held in Manchester, UK, from 22nd-24th February 2016 and whose details can be seen at:, a special session titled "Promoting Digital Literacy - Utilizing ICT for Communication and Education on Climate Change" is now being organized.

Special attention will be paid to ICT solutions benefitting Small Island Developing States (SIDS), but contributions that tackle climate-related issues in the Global South and Global North are possible, too. Linking climate knowledge, development and capacity-building, the aims of the session, which is organized as part of the EDULINK project L3EAP are as follows:

  • Introducing online learning approaches for environmental education, including climate change and sustainable energy;
  • Showcasing ICT-based solutions, i.e. projects, initiatives, apps, that contribute to better awareness and understanding of climate change and its impacts;
  • Discussing suitable didactical approaches for online communication

We are particularly looking for papers/presentations looking at....

  • e-learning approaches (web-based, blended learning, MOOCs, synchronous/asynchronous, self-study/instructor-led, OER etc.)
  • climate-risk management solutions (informing, early warning, monitoring, mapping, cooperating, sharing, organizing etc.)
  • best practice didactical designs for web-based and blended learning

If you are interested to contribute to this session please contact Franziska Wolf at: franziska.wolf(at) by 30th October 2016 to discuss your inputs.