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Global Matters That Technology can Solve in the Coming Years

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Technology is growing at a rapid rate with assisted by machine learning and AI. The consumers today are living in the most benefitting era, well equipped with technology and opportunities. While we are seeing a major incline in innovations, many sectors of the global society have not been getting much attention from the past couple of decades. With machine learning and other advanced technologies, new solutions can be invented to control global matters that can affect the sustainability of humanity. It may be to solve small problems of society such as waste management or bigger issues like global warming. There are many challenges that technology is tackling today to provide better solutions in the coming years.

Carbon appropriation

The increasing carbon footprint on the earth is a major problem for humanity, and every nation is aware of the consequences that it can have in the future. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is not the only measure that can save us from increasing global temperatures. The aviation industry is investing in biofuels that can lower CO2 emissions by 80%. But economically, it is not the best strategy for a long term basis. Many new startups are searching for ways to use carbon waste to generate energy. Recycling carbon products can be an effective strategy to store the already existing carbon and preventing the production of new carbon products. This idea can control carbon emissions for a long time until we discover new clean energy alternatives.

Alternative energy storage

Renewable energy production plants are becoming widely popular in remote areas around the world. Solar energy plants are proving to be effective, but only at times when the sun is shining. Even the hydel and wind energy powerplants are effective only when there is wind or rainfall. That is why we need better energy storage systems that can provide a residence or a factory for days without needing the sunlight or wind. Today, the cost of building such batteries is high, and the technology does not permit any compact systems installed in every home. However, new startups are working to create affordable forms of grid-scale storage that can store energy for a long time. While the designs are still under process, we will soon be needing these cheaper modes of storing huge amounts of energy.

Ocean Clean-up

The ocean is filthy because of us, and we all are aware of it. There are tiny pieces of plastic floating all across the oceans. The majority of this waste comes from the waste that we are not recycling around. The straws, plastic bags, and other plastic waste are dangerous for marine life, birds, and for us. If we do not find the right measures to clean up the water bodies soon enough, it will affect our health and the environment. The researchers believe that it can take centuries to clean up the oceans at this rate of plastic usage. While there are some startups creating prototypes for taking massive ocean cleaning projects, it is up to us to control the use of plastic as soon as possible. The global industries are also becoming aware of using recyclable plastic and other biodegradable materials for their products.


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